Good afternoon Expat passengers, this is your Captain speaking. My name is Beatrice Carafa.

I’d like to welcome everyone on SkillsFlight travelling from Previous Life Circumstance to New Life Destination.
We are currently cruising at an altitude of 33,000 feet at an airspeed of 400 miles per hour.



The weather looks really good and with the tailwind on our side we are expecting to land at Expat Skills Mastery right on schedule.
The weather at destination is clear and sunny, with a high of 25 degrees at arrival time.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ll be flying through a number of interesting topics during our journey.

As we ascend through the clouds into our Relationship route we will explore Communicational, Interpersonal and Intercultural skills - which among others include mastering Networking skills, Dating skills, Making New Friends and securing Business Leads.

With the clouds behind and below, we will approach the Self route where you’ll begin feeling more Confident as an expat. You will exude a Bright Magnetic Presence - and will be motivated, determined and resourcefully in control of your new life experience.

As we begin our descent passing through the Perceptual route, you will feel Strong in your Cultural Intelligence and Flexibility – turbulence will no longer affect you, and your Cross-Cultural Mindset will make you feel empowered and integrated in your new life abroad.

If you cooperate we should get a great view of the New You in a few minutes time!
The Cabin Crew will be coming around as soon as you make your request - to offer you the finest Expat Skills Training Program in the skies.

The in-flight one-on-one training will begin shortly after that.
I’ll talk to you again before we reach our destination.

Until then, sit back, relax and enjoy the Flight!
Thank you for choosing to fly with Expat Airlines.

Cabin Crew prepare for Take-Off


Beatrice Carafa, the Pilot at SkillsFlight

EXPAT, in Vancouver, Montreal, New York, San Francisco, London and currently Rome.
EXPAT MOTHER, a teenage expat daughter living in the UK
PROFESSIONAL TRAINER & COACH, certified Professional Coach, Cognitive Coach, Quantum & LOA Coach, certified Hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer, Teacher of English as a Foreign Language
ACTIVITY IN INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY: Consul, Internations Expat Community- Rome Entrepreneurs and Rome Empowerment & Happiness groups.
Co-founder, IEC Women’s group – a support and empowerment group for expat women.

The Pilot adheres to the International Coach Federation’s Values and Standards of Ethical conduct.