What people say

Giusi, Italy, International University in Rome, Italy

My name is Giusi, Iʼm from Foggia and I’m living in Rome. I am working for an international university in Rome.
My challenge is to gain mastery of the English language and I succeeded through the coaching sessions with Beatrice. I felt at ease with her, I explained how my desire for perfection interrupts my spontaneity in speaking English. Whenever I have to speak, I have been feeling anxious to speak perfectly, without mistakes and this condition distracted me from my interlocutor. I found the way to develop my potential, through a list of things to do. I immediately figured out how to be more conscious of having all the fundamentals to improve my english. I feel more sure of myself above all in my job when I meet foreign people. I have been lucky to meet Beatrice. She allowed me to have better personal and professional relationships and now I feel more sure of myself; I feel more proactive; I increased my self confidence. Above all I've understood how to manage my time and what I can do to improve my personal weakness. My husband is interested in my reaction to the sessions with Beatrice and in the results I reached. He would like to try a coaching session to improve a personal weakness. I would like to thank Beatrice for helping me to face a challenging purpose.