What people say

Nabil Boulos, Egypt, Management Consultant

“My name is Nabil Boulos, Iʼm from Egypt and I’m working as a management consultant for Consulting Firm.
While I used to work for a multinational conglomerate with footprint covering Middle East, Asia and Europe, I was having new challenges while leaving the corporate life and starting a new career with all its associated uncertainties and planning for whole new life. One major impact was the overload I had on both personal / professional levels as well as my social circle. While exploring my options and workings on self development, I have met Beatrice via attending her workshops and training sessions, which are of great help with its content and the talented person Beatrice is. The skills I gained and practiced helped me primarily to seek more balanced criteria for getting more insights to my professional quest while observing both social and personal wellbeing as well. Beatrice is an amazing and sincere talented coach, who pays great attention to the individual and specific requirements of each participant while keeping the harmony of the group dynamics. Now, I am having a clearer vision on my career, with more ability on identifying the real challenges that need more focus, while targeting and achieving more concrete results in an efficient manner. Such enhanced personal development, is acknowledged by my colleagues, and business associates, as reflected not only on solid business results, growth and success, but also the more cheerful and balanced friend as my close social circle see in me. I am grateful to Beatrice and her talented coaching and the genuine person and friend she is.