What people say

Marie Andersson, Sweden, Teacher of English as a Foreign Language

“My name is Marie Andersson and Iʼm from Sweden. I’m an Expat living in Italy since 2001.

 I'm a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language and I teach and train English to professionals and students, of all ages and on all levels. I do General and Business English as well as exam preps. 
 At a certain point in my life came a moment, when I realised I wanted to make a change in my career. The big question however was: What did I want to do? There were so many possibilities. Did I want to stay on in my field (customer service), maybe just making some adjustments? Did I want to remain in Rome or move somewhere else? Did I want to make a complete career change? 
 That's how I ended up in Beatrice's studio. I needed someone who could guide me on my path to clarity. And that's what Beatrice did. By asking me the right questions, she helped me uncover the truths I held inside. We did it by bringing to light my values, beliefs and needs. She gave me homework. We talked. We used visualizations and physical excercises. And we also laughed a lot. 
 Through our sessions, I gained clarity. It feels like I have come full circle. I started off as a leisure time pedagogue in younger years, then I got in to customer service, and now I'm back in teaching/training again. Not only have I found a rewarding and inspiring new career, but together with Beatrice we've also rediscovered my passion for teaching and unearthed the creativity inside me. 
 Thanks Beatrice! You're not just an amazing life coach, but also a warm, fun and compassionate person.”