What people say

Isabel Torres, Brazil, Translator

“My name is Isabel Torres, I’m from Brazil, I lived in Rome and worked as a translator for several organizations.

When I turned 40 I started yearning for change, in my job, in my lifestyle and I decided I wanted to move abroad. My biggest problem was that I wanted to change but only if it was for the better. But how could I know for sure after having led more or less the same life for the last 20 years? I was so confused and insecure I became paralyzed. After learning that the only way I could truly change for the better was if my life was aligned to my deepest values, the way ahead became much clearer, I immediately felt much better and the perfect opportunity to move abroad fell on my lap… and I had the insight and courage to take it! My friends and colleagues all comment on how radiant and calm I am now and wish me well on this new adventure.
Thanks for helping me follow my life purpose!”