What people say

Weila Wang, China, Expat Spouse

“ Hello, my name is Weila. I have Chinese origins and I am now living in Rome, Italy.

I am married to an Italian who works at the Foreign Ministry of Italy. Every four or five years we get relocated to different countries. When I first moved to Italy in 2014 I had a difficult time finding my self-identity as well as activities that were suitable for my personal and professional development. It affected my confidence as well as my emotional well-being. After a few sessions with Beatrice I discovered my major character strengths. It brought light into my self-awareness and raised my level of confidence. I started a few activities now I love to do thanks to the journey we went through together. In addition, thanks to the encouragement and support of Beatrice I founded a platform for international women here in Rome. There I made some very good social connections. My husband now is very happy about my emotional well-being. Here I’d like to offer my sincere deep appreciation for Beatrice and her training program. It has indeed added much more color into this chapter of my life”