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English Language Coaching

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, we hope you are enjoying your flight. On behalf of Expat airlines we are pleased to offer you in-flight English language coaching. Please direct your attention to the monitor below as we review the English Courses on offer.

Programs are one-on-one Skype sessions and are preceded by a level test for the assessment of the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
The levels offered are Beginner - Elementary - Pre-Intermediate - Intermediate -Upper Intermediate and Advanced.

SkillsFlight English Language Coaching is a method which includes powerful and innovative techniques for learning blended with the most cutting-edge techniques for mental performance optimization.
Thanks to these powerful techniques you will “learn how to learn” the English language - and will then easily apply the techniques to any other personal and professional area, creating repeated, ongoing success for yourself.

Step 1: Consolidate learning goals
Step 2: Increase motivation, momentum and perseverence
Step 3: Overcome limiting language learning beliefs and install empowering ones
Step 4: Extract inner constructive learning resources


  • Powerful Memorization techniques
  • Personalized structures for planning the learning experience
  • Innovative methods for increasing density of attention and concentration
  • Scientifically-proven strategies for accessing optimal mental and emotional states for learning

Benefits of this program:

  • Coach encourages self-guidance in the learning experience
  • Content is personalized for each student
  • Personal learning strategy is created and implemented
  • Powerful focusing techniques are learned and applied
  • Intrinsic motivation is accessed and enjoyed
  • Learning process is in itself an experience of personal and professional growth

What are some of the opportunities which will open up for me thanks to my Mastery of the English Language?
What are some of the things I would do if I could Master the English Language Now?
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