Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome onboard
Expatriate SKILLSFLIGHT - departing from Previous Life Circumstance and travelling to New Life Destination.



Flying You to the New You

According to latest information from Air Traffic Control, the passengers on this flight have been struggling with some degree of culture shock - including language barriers, missing family and friends at home, lacking a personal support network, dealing with relationship and family issues and having career concerns. Many others are dealing with making new friends, being single and wanting a relationship, feeling lack of self-confidence and even loss of identity.

On behalf of the Captain and the entire Cabin Crew of this flight we are excited to let you know that you have just boarded and taken your seat on the Luxury First Class SKILLSFLIGHT to quickly experience your breakthrough starting today!




We are delighted to accompany you on this journey toward Expat Skills Mastery to finally experience a happy and fulfilling life abroad.

This is a First Class Only flight and our passengers are expatriates and spouses in diplomacy, in the military, in IGOs, multinationals, small businesses and in freelancing who are already leading or are planning on leading an International life.

We are currently first in line for take off and are expected to be airborne in approximately eleven minutes.
We ask that you please fasten your seatbelts at this time and secure all “old baggage” underneath your seat or in the overhead compartments.
We also ask that your seats and table trays are in the upright position for take-off, so that you feel most comfortable and safe at this time.
Please switch off all negative thoughts as they emit waves which could interfere with the mind’s constructive journey.

Thank you for choosing Expat Airlines.

Enjoy your flight!